British Higher School of Art and Design.
Spring admission campaign identity
The British Higher School of Art and Design has specialized in professional education in the creative & business industries. Every spring the school has a new set of short courses alongside with the updates in main programs. The task was to make an eye-catching promotion campaign for new courses and programs in instagram and for inside events and spaces inside the school.
Identity system & logo sequence
British Higher School of Art and Design has three main programs
with five directions. So the identity structure is based on different colors and shapes for each three main direction and five graphic compositions that reflect five creative directions.
Instagram stories
Three visuals for the main educative directions
Instagram stories
Series of 15 visuals for five creative directions on the base of three main courses
Character system
For each creative direction was designed one character depicting one of the creative activities
Posters & Pins
Series of posters for indoor placement that announce updates in main programs and short courses. Series of pins was designed for a party that opened spring educational season.